5 Hints for Baccarat Newbies

Baccarat happens not only to be one of the most popular but also one of the oldest games played in various casinos all over the world. Asian gamblers and high rollers love this game and this is a dominant card game in several casinos in Asia especially in Macau but, with the recent developments in technology, you can enjoy a fine game of cards anywhere when you play baccarat online. Although this game is pretty straightforward, you will face a lot of complex strategies but what you really need is to know the rules and have some tricks in your bag such as these:

1. Know What To Bet On. In a game of baccarat, 8 card decks are usually used and there are 3 betting options that are open to you. Your betting options are as follows: player’s hand, banker’s hand and tie and out of the three, player’s and banker’s hand can bring almost equal winnings. When lesser card decks are used in a game, it would be better to go for the banker’s hand as you will have greater chances to win the game. In no circumstance should you go for a tie bet even if a lot of people are winning from doing so.

2. Revisit the basic game rules. One thing that you always have to bear in mind is to the rules and to know the game’s basic guidelines by heart.This may seem to be commonsense but doing so will give you an edge over other players in your level. You should never forget that if you have a two digit card, only the last digit is counted. This means that an eleven is counted as one. Upon initial dealing, you will win instantly if you have a nine or an eight unless someone else has the same hand. In this instance, there is a tie.

3. Have a Huge Stock of Patience. When you are giddy about the probability of doing well in a game, you will surely be too excited and go with the flow when, in fact, you have to be on the lookout for shifts in the pattern. You have to stick to your winning strategy even if it seems that it is no good. You have to wait it out as the patterns unravel and never lose heart even when you lose a round.

4. Play the Game Strategically. Just like any card game you have to make sure that you treat this game not as a gambler but as a player. You will have greater chances of doing well when you have a strategy and you are not just relying on lady luck. Although there is no one pattern that will show you what to do next, you should be keen on how each shoe unfolds to get an idea on how to act next.

5. Know the house charges and choose wisely. This is not one of the tips that you can expect from a guide to playing a game of baccarat but for those who are looking forward to raking in a lot of money from a game, it is important to know the amount of house charges. The standard charge is five percent although there casinos which charge lower than this. When you choose a casino with lower charges, your take home amount will increase and this means more money for you.

Superstitions, logical patterns and counting techniques have become quite popular for players who are into baccarat. Although these things can work sometimes, you can’t rely on them entirely. You have to play this game with a strategy in place so that you can make sure that you will have greater chances of winning. By doing this, you will surely spend a longer time on the tables and you will eventually become a skillful baccarat player.

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