The risk of Playing Online Poker games

Entering into the world of gambling itself is the biggest risk for the fact you get addicted towards it. No matter what type of game or activity you do, you must do it in limit. Once you cross it, certainly you have then become one of the addicted persons for whom it would be really difficult to get out it. The online poker is one such gambling game which is played via internet. It is quite easy to play and is fun game to earn money. In most of the online games, the fake money is used. However, there are certain online games, in which if you win, chances are high for you to play the live tournaments. So is it something that you are really looking forward to? If yes, then go ahead, but make sure you don’t make yourself addicted to it.

Playing the game at for example is not harmful. But what you need to focus more on is whether such game is really addicting you or not. Playing it for longer time and spending hours simply sitting in front of your PC, would ruin you someday. You would be left out alone and your social interaction will become less. This is certainly not a healthy sign. No matter for how long you play this game, you must always be aware that you have a personal and a social life to live for which is equally important. You must give time to your social life just the way you give time to such poker games. Though it is one of the best money making ways, but if you invest all your money in such games, you are wasting it but not investing it.

The biggest risk factor that is involved in playing is not that your ears would get damaged badly or your spine would get stiff. The risk is how slowly you will grow mentally. Certainly you would end up getting nothing but lonelier. For humans, social life matters a lot. Hence you need to make sure that you live it to the fullest. After all it is your loved ones who deserve you in their life. So get yourself out of the gambling world soon.

What is the future for online gambling?

It's not an easy question to answer, as really no one know what the future holds, but if one needs to provide prediction, and according the the history (long and recent ones) the future is bright, and will continue to reach far and beyond, will be entrenched in many of our daily lives, and will be playable from multiple platforms.

The only question remains: will be where to play, and for what ? there are more games developed and designs, more places and websites to play, and more users and players joining it everyday. The comparison sites like Casino club will continue to provide best platforms to identify those proper sites, and in general, it seems, we will see more of the same, but in a much much bigger scale.

Granted, that's not really bold prediction, but rather common sense these days. But comparing these days to the past, online gambling shifted almost to mainstream, which is incredible to think, that more and more countries embracing it (and making money of taxes from it off course) it is now viewed as a cool cash game to play and have fun, and if someone wants to place his money and play for it, than why not.

First it was allowed only in Las Vegas and various other cities. Than, it made the transformation online, where the games online got dramatic boost, and now it is so popular and well known that most people don’t even remember what it was like before. Online gambling is here to stay, and will continue to developed, and once you find you game and site, you will notice it too.

Great Blackjack Apps That You Need To Try

Blackjack surely made a hit especially after the hit movie entitled 21 where beating the game through counting techniques were brought to light. Coming up with your very own online blackjack strategy would be awesome and playing around through the web is a great way to enjoy the game even when you are at home. But, what makes blackjack more convenient is the fact that you can play this game in your smartphone. Apps which allow you to play blackjack are already available for Android and for Apple users and while looking for an exciting casino game that you can play wherever you might be, here are some suggestions.

Live Blackjack.If you are looking for a 4 deck shuffle blackjack, then this is just the game for you. You can make an account directly in Abzorba or use your account in Facebook to start playing this game. You can chat with other players and you can even send private messages to others who are in the game. You get to test your skills in blackjack and see how you fare when compared to other players who come from all over the world. Among all the blackjack apps, this takes a good spot because it can own up to what it claims including its online multiplayer option. You get a decent play with this app although the interface looks a bit cartoony. Needless to say, its great as it has a realistic casino feel as playing chips are limited although you can earn extra chips should you run out of them. However, future updates can definitely improve this app.

Real Blackjack.This app is simply a casual game which is perfect for newbies. This game has a high winning ratio so you will definitely have high chances of winning when you are playing blackjack with this app. This app is just the thing that you need when you happen to have a quarter of an hour to kill. If you are new to the game, you can use the real-time advice and you will know the odds as well as the counting techniques that you can use. Although the developers claim that this game is randomized, it is easy to see that the winning ratio is a bit high although it’s just the perfect confidence booster especially for those who are still trying to gain their footing where this game is concerned.

Live Blackjack 21. For those who do not mind playing a game with real people, this is just the app to add to your smartphone casino. One of the most noticeable things about this app is that it was specifically developed for those who wish to join a multiplayer game as attested by the fact that you do not have any options that will allow you to play the game all on your own. Since you can also connect this app to your Facebook account or make an account with the site, you can exchange messages with other players while playing the game live. Indeed, there’s more fun when you are playing with real people compared to when you are just playing with the computer.

These days, blackjack’s popularity thrived not just in land casinos and online casinos; it has also gravitated to smartphones although it is not surprising why it did so when almost all other casino game has already an app for it. With the improved connectivity, you can just pull your phone out and start a game of blackjack whenever and wherever you might be. Indeed, blackjack is a good game which offers a lot of fun especially for those who are looking for something exciting to do while fiddling with their phone.

Who are the Greatest Casino Players in the World

Everyone walks inside a casino with a dream of earning big money, it doesn't really matter if you play poker, Roulette or Blackjack.. however, very few end up getting it. World’s top casino players knew that they had to win and come out as a winner and not as a loser. These players have beaten the casino jinx time and again through their intelligence, tricks and cheating at times to win a lump sum from the casinos and are known for their feat.

Edward Thorp, the founder of many casino games is obviously the timeless unbeaten player at the table. With a master’s degree in Physics and a doctorate degree in mathematics he possessed an above average intelligence to create and master the moves. He started by playing blackjack in Las Vegas and understood that people having excellent mathematical knowledge will have an edge over the others in winning the game. Thorp became a part of the Blackjack Hall of Fame due to the revolution he started with his card counting technique.

Richard Marcus may be one of the outrageous cheats on the casino table, but he won huge sums nonetheless. He dealt in baccarat and blackjack. His best move known as ‘The Savannah’ had made him famous because he pulled it off in his inimitable style. Savannah involved a sort of rudimentary optical illusion which resulted in snatching the game away from others. It is known that he had garnered a staggering $5 million when he was caught and prosecuted.

The MIT Blackjack Team is arguably the most famous among the others. Books have been on them and movies also made on their applied statistic based blackjack tricks. Initially started as a pastime by the MIT students in the 20th century, it ended up in winning stakes at the casinos. The team became so popular that they recruited people and the eligible ones were trained in the technique of card counting which was the best trick to win the games was clearly.

The other successful names, which often plays Casino online as well, include Louis ‘The Coin’ Colavecchio, Tommy Glenn Carmichael, Ida Summers (the only woman in the list), Keith Taft, Dominic LoRoggio, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo and Ron Harris.

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