Who are the Greatest Casino Players in the World

Everyone walks inside a casino with a dream of earning big money, it doesn't really matter if you play poker, Roulette or Blackjack.. however, very few end up getting it. World’s top casino players knew that they had to win and come out as a winner and not as a loser. These players have beaten the casino jinx time and again through their intelligence, tricks and cheating at times to win a lump sum from the casinos and are known for their feat.

Edward Thorp, the founder of many casino games is obviously the timeless unbeaten player at the table. With a master’s degree in Physics and a doctorate degree in mathematics he possessed an above average intelligence to create and master the moves. He started by playing blackjack in Las Vegas and understood that people having excellent mathematical knowledge will have an edge over the others in winning the game. Thorp became a part of the Blackjack Hall of Fame due to the revolution he started with his card counting technique.

Richard Marcus may be one of the outrageous cheats on the casino table, but he won huge sums nonetheless. He dealt in baccarat and blackjack. His best move known as ‘The Savannah’ had made him famous because he pulled it off in his inimitable style. Savannah involved a sort of rudimentary optical illusion which resulted in snatching the game away from others. It is known that he had garnered a staggering $5 million when he was caught and prosecuted.

The MIT Blackjack Team is arguably the most famous among the others. Books have been on them and movies also made on their applied statistic based blackjack tricks. Initially started as a pastime by the MIT students in the 20th century, it ended up in winning stakes at the casinos. The team became so popular that they recruited people and the eligible ones were trained in the technique of card counting which was the best trick to win the games was clearly.

The other successful names, which often plays Casino online as well, include Louis ‘The Coin’ Colavecchio, Tommy Glenn Carmichael, Ida Summers (the only woman in the list), Keith Taft, Dominic LoRoggio, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo and Ron Harris.

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