After Shockwave its Java that offers the Best Online Games

One of the popular tools which you all must know that has contributed in making the best games online is Shockwave. However, thanks to the development in technologies, now it is JAVA as well which is popularly used for developing free games. This programming language was developed by James Gosling in 1990s and is somehow similar to the C ++. However, as compared to the C language, this tool is much simple and easy to operate but is a particular object oriented language. Developed as an improved over C++, this language could rectify and minimize as much errors as possible.

Java is one of the popular platforms after Shockwave which is used on the internet on a large scale for designing and playing for free. It can be used for handheld devices like mobile phones as well as for computers. Most of the developers prefer this tool as one of the potential; one which will soon replace the Shockwave. The tool becomes popular as Netscape has been planned to support it in their browsers. Search engines like Yahoo have been using Java on a large scale for developing games which are played on a large scale by people all over the world. Besides, Java also helps in designing games of interaction so that people from different regions can play it together. Though Java has gained so much popularity in lesser time, the only issue which the developers have been facing is 3 D which is supported only with Shockwave and is not available in Java. Due to which this object oriented language may run slower if the program has been written in another language.

In spite of some issues associated with Java, it is still on top when it comes to online playing. However, there are many other languages as well that are being developed and soon may overtake this language tool. However, so far many users have given a positive response towards this language for developing the games. For more information, you can look around in search engines like yahoo, where you may come across thousands of Java based features that are available for free and are easy to play and get loaded.

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